Saturday, June 15, 2013

Holding Study Groups

It's possible for a person to have agile mindself by himself/herself, but difficult for a project to become agile by oneself unless it's a one person project.

Having executive support, making everybody take classes on agile, promoting people to get agile certification are all good but they have only limited effect. I think it's because it's not too "fun" because they somewhat seems "forced" from somebody from higher up.

Agile is about people to "like" their work. If people only think of "kaizen" as a "work", there's not going to be too useful improvements. In such a circumstance, getting somebody to hold a study group maybe helpful. A study group is a voluntary gathering initiated by a member. The goal of a study group is just not to study with other but to increase community spirit so they would have similar thoughts. As such, a study group is not mandatory and is a mixture of study and play (often in form of going out to a drink afterward).

A company can promote study groups by allowing them to be held in a room at the company and compensation for activities (such as paying a little for members to meet outside the company.)

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