Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Doing Away with Personal Desks

I've previously talked about not having private rooms in an office to make communication better. We're not the first company to do this, but most employees also do not have fixed desks at our company (exception is our president who has a fixed desk so the employees will know when he's in). Employees are freely able to move about and sit with people they are working with. If an employee is working on several projects, he/she will be able to change desks during the day to communicate and work with other members of the project.

We, also, have white boards where people can easy sketch or paste task boards. The noise level isn't too much but if a person wants to concentrate on something, he/she is able to go to a "concentration room" located in another floor. To avoid a person from just locking himself/herself in the room too long, we have a time limit a person can use the room per day.

We have a chat system and each employee also has a mobile phone so users will be able to chat or talk across the room to find where the other person is at.

Managers tend not to always sit with members of a team unless he/she is needed at that time. Nevertheless, since we don't have private rooms and people can just see each other, members can just go up and talk with a manager when needed.

You may have noticed, but we don't have desk cabinets. Each employee is given a locker to put all his/her stuffs in. This discourages writing paper documentations - we value individuals and interactions over paper documentations.

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